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Thread: Farmer's Markets

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    Default Farmer's Markets

    You know, with all the talk of contaminated food from China lately, it makes me appreciate our local fruits and vegetables that much more. I was hoping we could start a thread on farmer's markets here in the OKC metro, and/or organic food stores that sell primarily Oklahoma-grown foods.

    So does anyone know of any? I've been to the big, old Farmer's Market in the Capitol Hill area before. Is it the biggest one around? Is it open year round or just during the summers? I've also heard that one might be coming to Bricktown soon, but haven't really seen anything on that lately.

    Anyway was just hopping that others might have some news.

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    Default Re: Farmer's Markets

    One other thing... as a kid growing up on the south side of OKC, I remember my parents always taking me to someplace called Rudy's that seemed to be a small farmers market. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Is the place still there, and where is there? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Farmer's Markets

    I'm not as familiar with some of the farmers' markets in Oklahoma City, especially on the south side. However, our family went to the Edmond Farmers' Market this morning. Always great fruit, vegetables and Oklahoma-grown food products, many of them certified as organic.

    We also order from the Oklahoma Food Coop regularly. It's not only great to have access to organic foods, it's great to support local farmers.

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    There is a farmer's market at OSU-OKC every Saturday, year-round, in the morning. During the summer, the same group puts on a downtown farmer's market on Wednesday mornings...can't remember exactly where, but I walk to it during the week and get my fruits/veggies.
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    Default Re: Farmer's Markets

    there's also the weekly farmer's market held at the cleveland county fairgrounds in norman. that one's pretty good, too.


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    Default Re: Farmer's Markets

    The FM at OSU-OKC (on Portland between NW 10th and Reno), the one downtown (it's sponsored by OSU-OKC) and the one at The Children's Center are all Oklahoma Grown markets and have GREAT product. . .eggs, cheese, yogurt, breads, in addition to product.

    Most of the others bring product in from Texas. . which is why you can get "garden tomatoes" and cantaloupe now instead of in a few weeks. I would encourage people to support our Oklahoma farmers when/as they can.

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    Still corrupting young minds

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    Default Re: Farmer's Markets

    Bandnerd. . .great links!! Thanks!! I'm either "old enough" or "not young enough" to have the skills to do all of that. . . but . . .

    I do hope those who are so inclined will support the Oklahoma Grown farmers when at all possible. . . I think there is a reason that produce has "seasons"!! It just tastes better when it is "in" than when it is forced to "grow when we want it"!!

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    Default Re: Farmer's Markets

    Yeah the downtown farmer's market is at Couch Park. I love it. Haven't heard anything about a Bricktown one and I usually stay in the know on downtown developments.

    I didn't know Capitol Hill had one but it sure sounds like you're referring to the original Farmers Market at "The Farmer's Market" which is just south of Reno and west of Western. I wouldn't really call that Capitol Hill area. As bandnerd mentioned the OSU OKC one on saturdays is supposed to be really good. In Bethany at the Children's Center on Saturday's there is one. Of course the Edmond Farmers Market, etc. Also for Made in Oklahoma products, Kamps on Classen near 23rd is one of the best places around you can go for that sort of stuff. Wal-Mart also carries MIO products, if you're ever there, look for the MIO labels on the shelves under the product.

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    Default Re: Farmer's Markets

    I think there is one at 23rd and Council. It is mostly flowers but veggies, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dismayed View Post
    One other thing... as a kid growing up on the south side of OKC, I remember my parents always taking me to someplace called Rudy's that seemed to be a small farmers market. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Is the place still there, and where is there? Thanks.
    I'm thinking that's the one that was on the corner of SW 89th and Shields.

    Or SW 134th and Western.

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    ruby's (not rudy's) produce was on the sw corner of 89th & shield's.

    the house that sells produce just south of 134th & western isn't too bad, albeit a little small on selection.


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    Didn't the one on 134th used to be a LOT bigger?

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    hmmm... can't say that i know the answer to that one. the last time i went (and i think we're talking about the same place) it was just a garage outside of some old house on the east side of western, just south of 134th.


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    That's the exact place I'm thinking of...But the last time I went there was probably 10-15 years ago.

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    Does anyone know if there are any plans to renovate the original farmers market and surrounding area south of Reno? It is such a fine building (listed I believe). I remember seeing a really beautiful market that was quite similar in Houston many years ago and thinking at the time why we couldn't do something similar with the OKC Farmers Market.

    Actually, if the proper thought were put into the building and the area (perhaps part of the Core to Shore plans) this could be an excellent attraction in itself. Why not create a 'Mexican culture oriented focal point" for that part of the city like the one in San Antonio. In Singapore a former churchyard has been made into a fantastic center with restaurants called "Chijmes" which could also serve as a model.

    Uniquely Singapore - CHIJMES

    There could be loft-development in the surrounding warehouses, not to mention a street-life echoing the Spanish-style architecture. Upscale urban living includes easy access to quality fresh food, and a renovated, upscaled Farmers-market could be the ticket. Paseo-like or South-Beach like? Why not OKC? And check out this fantastic place in Stockholm with great food and a market in a historic building that could serve as a model as well:

    Östermalms Saluhall

    I was just there last week and it was phenomenal!

    Perhaps pie-in-the sky ideas, but it would be fantastic to see such a beautiful landmark in OKC really put to good use.

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    Call for Vendors for our 2007 Farmers' Market!

    Farmers' Market 2007 will kick off on Thursday, May 31 and run through Labor Day.

    Thursdays 3:30 - 7 p.m.
    Saturday 8:00 a.m. - Noon

    The Children's Center
    Attn. Angela Pitts
    6800 NW 39th Expressway
    Bethany, OK 73008

    You can also contact Angela at (405) 470-2259 or email apitts@tccokc.org for additional information.

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    Default Re: Farmer's Markets

    Went to the downtown farmers market today. Picked up some veggies and herbs much cheaper than I would at the grocery store or even Wal-Mart and Home Depot. My wife and I bought some herb plants and veggie plants a few weeks ago at home depot for about $3.00 each. They had most of them and more at the downtown farmers market for about $0.75cents each. Go out and support the downtown farmers market. We need more outdoor markets and retail downtown!!! Oddly enough, this year (or at least today) they had an ice cream van parked out there selling ice cream, sundae's, snowcones, etc. They even had a giant $10 sundae that included everything "but the kitchen sink" they claim.

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    Smile Re: Farmer's Markets

    On Saturdays, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., the OSU-OKC Farmers' Market is held at the campus, specifically at 400 N. Portland. There are vendors inside and outside at this Farmers' Market. (Look for banners and signs along Portland.) This market goes year-round.

    The doors open early Saturday morning, although no sales are made until 8 a.m. Lots of people arrive early to get in line for their favorite produce, eggs, cheese, etc. Some of the vendors sell out of their product within minutes after the starting bell rings and the sales begin. (For example, chickens can only produce a certain number of eggs in a week.) All of the vendors stay until 1 p.m. so you can shop, talk with them, order things for the next market, etc.

    The Saturday market has all sorts of things available (all Oklahoma grown or made): fresh produce, herbs, cheese, grains, breads and baked goods, jams, honey bedding plants, flowers, jewelry, soaps, lotions, hand-made baskets and even a massage guy who --- I can say from last week's visit to the market --- is incredible! On the first Saturday of every month, they have a guy who sells the best beef you will ever put on your grill. You can also go over to OSU-OKC's greenhouse and buy plants. The farmers bring in gorgeous healthy plants and there a number of plant types I've never seen in the local stores. The plant prices are so reasonable (compared to home stores or garden stores in the city) and the farmers are so helpful in offering information and plant advise, I began to do all my garden shopping there about a year ago. Also, they usually have some non-profit animal adoption groups outside. It's just a fun place to go first thing on Saturday morning.

    On Wednesday's (through July) the Farmers' Market moves to downtown and is open for business from 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. It's located in Couch Park, between Broadway and Robinson. It is a little different from the Saturday Farmers' Market. They have an ice cream lady that serves great ice cream! And they have a hamburger place that sells burgers for lunch. There are also music performers there, which adds to the cool ambience, of a downtown Farmers' Market.

    I think the OSU-OKC Farmers' Markets are a great plus for Oklahoma City. They're fun, upscale and really good in promoting Oklahoma products. (Some of the places I've seen in Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas actually truck in their "fresh" produce from other states. But not these vendors --- it's all fresh off the farm when you buy it!)

    (WARNING! May be habit forming!)
    I have to warn you, though, once you start using these markets, it's difficult to walk into a commercial greenhouse or grocery store produce aisle and not be disappointed. As the old saying goes, "Once you go fresh...."

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