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Thread: What happened?

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    Default What happened?

    I guess you all like GNL better huh?

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    I don't know I'm fed up with GNL myself. They delete all the posts I'm interested in. Frankly I'm done! Talk about a discouraged new Guthrie resident. If the freaking NEWSPAPER behaves this way no wonder the city is all screwed up. (I know, this statement isn't fair, but that's how I feel right now!!!) I think it stinks to high heaven.

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    Yep, I have to agree...just make sure the post you are interested in have for sure been deleted. That forum doesn't work like your normal one does!

    This one for instance, much better but "they" the GNL group...Oh well...

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    After tonight and all the weirdness that happened, we should all stop.
    But like the chocolate, there's only so long I can say no to it. LOL

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