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Thread: Penny Postcards from Oklahoma!

  1. Default Penny Postcards from Oklahoma!

    This is such a cool site - pictures of various scenes in OKC (and links to others) around turn of century.

    Penny Postcards from Oklahoma
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    Pretty cool site. I own a few of those postcards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by metro View Post
    Pretty cool site. I own a few of those postcards.
    Me, too, Metro, and I've visited the Penny Postcard site many times. It doesn't seem to have changed or been updated over the past 2-3 years, but it does have some nice stuff.

    For Okc vintage postcard lovers (I mean, if you want to buy some), there is a great little shop on the east side of Western about 2-3 blocks south of Britton Rd. at 9100 N. Western called the Western Trail Trading Post, owned by John Dunning.

    This "Trading Post" literally has thousands of postcards from around the state (and elsewhere) including (I would suppose ... I didn't count 'em) hundreds from the Okc. I've used several in my blog but I have many more that I've not gotten around to, yet. This shop doesn't look like much from the outside (or inside, for that matter) but man does this guy have some great stuff ... books, lots of other vintage stuff, too. If you're into this sort of thing, it is definitely a great little place ... but, be careful, you might get hooked on Okc history!

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