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Thread: Fear Factor

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    Keith Guest

    Default Fear Factor

    I am really a big fan of this show. For those who haven't watched it, there are contestants that do a variety of stunts to see who is the best at facing fear. There are physical challenges, as well as mental challenges, and on every show, a contestant will wind up eating something that is very disgusting.

    You either like the show or you hate it. If you have a weak stomach, you don't want to watch it. Many times I am eating dinner when the show comes on, and the disgusting stuff they have to eat doesn't bother me. My wife hates the show, but both of my kids like it.

    At the end of the show, the one person who completes all the challenges and has the best performance time wise, wins $50,000.00. I would love to be on the show, but at my age, there are certain things this body can't do anymore. Plus, I am claustrophobic (sp)? and I don't do well on heights(just to think..years ago I wanted to be a firefighter, but yet I am afraid of heights.LOL) I can't hardly change a light bulb without getting dizzy

    Anyway, back to the subject.....does anybody else out there watch Fear Factor?

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    MasterWolf Guest

    Default Re: Fear Factor

    Me and my wife watch it!! I havent seen all the episodes, but my wife probrably has. The stuff that they have to eat seems to get worse and worse each time it comes on. I think the last one I saw was when they ate blended rat!! (puke).. Still, Like you keith, I can eat and watch the gross disgusting stuff as well. Doesn't bother me too much. I would like to be on the show, it could be pretty neat. Just as long as I dont have to eat any spiders. Lol!!
    I hate spiders.

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    Patrick Guest

    Default Re: Fear Factor

    Well, my fiancee loves this show and she's tried to get me to watch it, but I just never have gotten interested in it. I'm just not much of a reality show fanatic. she has gotten me interested in the Bachelor though! How fun!

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    ~~*DarlingDiva*~~ Guest

    Thumbs up Re: Fear Factor

    Patrick likes the Bachelor hmmmm....

    the first 17 were good I guess.I do like fear factor that show so unbelieveably pushes tthe envelope they must have 17 EMT's standing around at all times.The worst ones I have seen is where they had to eat the 100 year old eggs.They also had to eat baby embryo ducks while they were in a park next to a little caged in area of cute LIVE little baby ducks I guess as a nice fresh reminder of what they were doing. NASTY!But some of it is just so dand dangerous,like i saw a show where they had to reach there arm into a tank of wtater to get out these keys and the tank was filled with massive electric eels,they got shocked repeatedlt.I must have to say I was so glad to see Joe Rogan reach his hand in that tank and get the sh*t shocked out of him too since all he ever does is razz everyone and call them quitters.LOL he got his!


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    Patrick Guest

    Default Re: Fear Factor

    Yeah, I've been forced to kep up with the Bachelor! Since I prefer brunettes, I'm rooting for Mary!

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    SoundMind Guest

    Default Re: Fear Factor

    Come now! I prefer blondes, and Tanya is much cuter. I vote for Tanya.

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    Default Re: Fear Factor

    I don't watch Bachelor. And Fear Factor just annoys me.

    My favorite show is Amazing Race. World travel, adventure, relationship conflicts. How fun!

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