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A Little "Navigation" Help, Please . . .

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The other day--maybe yesterday--I noticed that immediately after posting a reply or whatever the touchpad on my laptop goes dead on this site. Refreshing doesn't do anything to fix this but completely logging out and re-logging in does. I also noticed that if I click the "Blog This Post" button and return to the Forum functionality has been returned at least until the next post.

Is there an unwritten--or written--rule that I violated somehow about too many posts in too short a time or whatever?
Maybe by posting too many pictures at one time in the recent past?
If so, I apologize and I mean that sincerely.

Any suggestions on what I need to do--or not do--in the future to remedy this situation?

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  1. RadicalModerate's Avatar
    FYI: It just did it again. (I will not keep posting that observation.)
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