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Major League Baseball

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What would it take to lure the Oakland A's to Oklahoma City IF we decided to bring MLB to our community:

Oklahoma Athletics

Rivals: Texas, Colorado, Kansas City, Houston & St. Louis.

Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark could be expanded to be used as a temporary home with 20,566 maximum seating capacity adding 7,500 seats in the outfield and removing the tarps on the current 13,066 venue. Parking and shuttle we could accommodate.

Oklahoma City would need to build a new 40,000 plus seat facility on city owned land extending MAPS 4 (2028) to pay for a new $600 million (bare bones) minimum) facility that could open in 2030.

In 2030, Oklahoma population will exceed 4 million, our metro area projected 1.6 million, Urban City Population 750,000, County 821,230 at the current growth rate. These demographics are similar to Milwaukee's current numbers--smallest MLB market.

Question: Would MLB impact and retain resident population, although the game itself isn't changing. Could our state support both MLB & NBA...

Oklahoma City/Tulsa would probably be the smallest market TV and population wise which would include state's two largest markets, currently there are 755,340 OKC and 552,980 TUL; represent 1,308,280 current TV households Nielsen https://mediatracks.com/resources/ni...rankings-2021/ Population Metro OKC 1,425,375/Tulsa Metro 1,006,411 Combined total 2,431,786. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_o...tistical_areas

Ideally you need 1 million per major sport (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL).

As much as I personally would like to see MLB in OKC which I would support; we don't have the corporate base and this would be a gamble that could impact both NBA and MLB if the Oakland A's were to relocate as early as 2022-23 season using Bricktown as a temporary home.

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