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DIY Dinners

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I don't do turkey, so this would be a good alternative. Too bad I live alone, it's a little too much for one person. I suppose I could freeze portions. It looks really good would make a nice addition to my meal rotation. I would have to have the flour tortillas though, I don't care for cornbread. Thanks for the visual recipe!
C. T.
Do you not do turkey because it seems like too big of a hassle and too much meat? Or is it because you don't like turkey?
If it's the first reason, then I would suggest one of those straight from the freezer to the oven to the plate cook-in-the bag turkey breasts from Archer Farms (Target) or Jennie-O (Target and elsewhere). Other than some smoked turkey and some fried turkey it was the best turkey I ever had. We are doing two of those and two pork tenderloins for tomorrow. Along with some "Fast Delmonico Potatoes" some Creamed Cipollini Onions and Mushrooms, some Carrot Mash with Orange and Mint (looks a lot better than it sounds, hopefully also true of the taste), some Stovetop Stuffing and Gravy, and Sister Schubert Rolls. Since I'm still trying to lose some weight, I'll probably mostly be enjoying the aromas (and the sight of others enjoying the actual food). To be completely honest, I will probably try a little taste of everything. =)

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