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Ebola virus

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I apologize moderaters I attempted to not make this personal.. however to use such offensive terms and then be able to defend them and insult others is over the top for me.. instead of just admitting it was poor choice of words. over and over and over and always turn it around on everyone is just beyond. never taking any responsibility.
Tell you what. I'm talking to my brother, this weekend and I'll ask his opinion if he thinks my horrible use of "AIDS people" is objectively indicative of a horrible person who is ignorant. I'll ask him if gay folk will of course condescendingly think "bless her heart" when they know me and hear me say it. I'll ask him if I deserved the bitching out and fury my words caused. I'll ask him if equating the ebola crisis with the AIDES crisis strikes him as a good idea. I'll ask him if he thinks it is offensive for a straight person with a gay loved one to express that they have a right to speak their mind. And I'll ask him if he agrees with you that a public attack on my terminology, bringing up that you are gay so you should be listened to, calling someone insensitive and ignorant for using "improper terms" does or does not create walls that have to be there. Of course he's my brother and his take on the situation might be different from yours. The difference being is that to him, I'm a person. To you, I'm just non PC and despite not saying one word against gays, I got it with both barrels for using what was, in your mind, an "improper term." I can't believe you apologized to the mods but blamed me for your behavior. You are being completely negative and unreasonable about this.

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