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  • $60 million lawsuit filed against OG&E for apartment fire

    Following an intense fire, the owners of a large apartment complex and its insurance companies have filed a $60 million lawsuit against OG&E and its subcontractor.

    The fire erupted in the early evening hours of February 2nd, 2022 at The Canton apartments at Classen Curve. The large complex near NW 63rd and Western was nearing completion and was pre-leasing units.

    By the following morning, the building was a total loss apart from a concrete parking structure. The fire had been so intense it caused the closing of the neighboring Ellison Hotell which required cleanup from the extensive smoke.

    Other than cleanup, nothing has happened at the site since.

    On Wednesday, the owners and their insurance company filed a $60 million lawsuit against OG&E and its subcontractor, Red Dirt Electric based in Kingfisher.

    The lawsuit claims gross negligence in failing to properly connect power to the building on behalf of both OG&E and Red Dirt.

    It also claims that a post-fire investigation identified that the fire originated in several areas inside the attic space as a result of an electrical fault. It goes on to claim that a hot conductor was connected to the building's neutral conductors.

    OG&E and Red Dirt have yet to file a response to the lawsuit.

    The Canton was to be a five-story, 325-unit luxury apartment complex with two interior courtyards and a structured parking garage.

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