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  • Plans revealed for historic Donnay Building

    As the massive task continues to save the Donnay Building off the old Classen Circle, the new owners have posted renderings of what will be the final product.

    Long neglected and in complete disarray, the property was acquired last year. Caleb Hill and Nick Preftakes have been gently peeling back layers of bad roofing, siding, and a disjointed interior.

    Originally constructed in 1948, the Donnay Building is best known for being home to The Patio restaurant and until recently, the Hi-Lo Club.

    Things had become so bad that all tenants had to be cleared in order for a proper reconstruction.

    The new renderings show a new restaurant in the same location as The Patio, with patios on each of two levels. The remainder of the space will be leased as retail or office.

    To the north of the Donnay is the Classen Grill which is undergoing major surgery of its own. A new patio has been added out front and the entire parking lot is being rebuilt with reconstructed retaining walls.

    There will be extra parking for the entire project along 50th. The small house is not part of the project; it is still owned by Braums which attempted to buy the Donnay Building and demolish it before public outcry resulted in them abandoning their plans.

    The new Classen Grill is set to open in September is will be operated by Happy Plate Concepts, proprietors of Sunnyside Diner, Taqueria El Camino, and Grill on the Hill.

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