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  • Port of Peri Peri opens today

    Opening today (Monday 1/16), The Port of Peri Peri offers flame-broiled chicken flavored with Portuguese peppers and herbs.

    Never frozen, the chicken is marinaded for a minimum of 24 hours. You can choose your own level of spice from Mild to Ultra-hot with several levels in between.

    The result is a unique flavor you won't find anywhere else in OKC.

    In addition to bone-in options, you can also order wings and tenders; the tenders are skinless, juicy breast meat.

    Sides include falafel, paneer (Indian cheese) strips, hummus, skin-on fries, mixed olives, couscous, perimayo corn, unique yellow rice and toasted pita.

    Also, wraps, pitas, beyond burger and a couple of different chicken sandwiches.

    Located at 13925 N. May (just north of Memorial), hours are 11 AM to 9 PM; open until 10 PM on Friday and Saturday.

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