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  • 'Warby Parker' of handmade boots coming to Classen Curve

    Yet another new to market retailer is coming to Oklahoma City.

    This time it's Tecovas out of Texas, which has made a name for itself with its online direct-to-consumer high-quality cowboy boots for about half the price of traditional retailers.

    The company recently raised $30 million in funding and has started to open retail locations, the first two in Austin and San Antonio.

    The stores stock 14 styles of men's boots and 5 for women in varying colors and materials, as well as jeans, bags, belts and other accessories. A strong emphasis is placed on simple, classic styles.

    With an average price point of $300 and the most popular men's boots selling for $225, Tecovas saw an opportunity to disrupt the $3 billion Western boot industry.

    The business model is similar to Warby Parker and Bonobos other recent additions to Classen Curve which also started as online sellers then moved to brick and mortar locations.

    The Oklahoma City Tecovas will be located in the last remaining space of the newest building in the development, which also houses Sur La Table and Coldwater Creek.

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