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  • Play Cafe planned for Uptown District

    A new restaurant is proposed for the Uptown / 23rd Street District that will be aimed towards families with children.

    The building at 610 NW 23rd had previously been home to a pawn shop before being purchased by local investor and developer Jeff Johnson.

    The property was cleaned up and slightly remodeled and a Dallas-based spin studio signed a lease, but then later backed out.

    From their design application:

    “Play Cafe is Oklahoma's first cafe + play space where the whole family feels welcomed, cared for, and catered to. They encourage their patrons to expect more from family friendly. The Owner's desire is that this philosophy is extended beyond the interior and food and is played out on the exterior of the building in a simple mural and signage that would help draw people in. The space will be a sophisticated cafe and dining experience in the front half and a custom children's play area and storage in the back half. In the back of the property, there will be an outdoor play experience for the children as well. IN the front there will be a new railing added to the existing concrete pad.”

    Gardner Architects is performing the design work and Elizabeth Howard is the tenant and concept owner.

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