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  • Zoo reveals master plan

    The Oklahoma City Zoo has revealed a long-term master plan.

    From the zoo agenda:

    On February 22, 2023, the Oklahoma City Zoological Trust approved a Contract for Architectural Services with SHR Studios, Inc., for Project No. MZ-0072, Master Plan for the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden. The Contractís scope of work provided for the development of a ten-year master plan with the following components: (1) improved guest circulation; (2) concepts for renovation of four existing habitats (Cats Habitat, Great Apes, Childrenís Zoo, and Oklahoma Trails); (3) concepts for new habitats, including a new reptile house, a new bird habitat, and use of the southern portion of the Zoo property; 4) integration of concepts to enhance the botanical garden aspects of Zoo property; and (5) diagrammatic overlays.

    The master planís project development criteria have emphasized conservation inspiration, animal well-being, and climate suitability. Master Plan 2024 is presented herewith for the Trustís consideration of adoption. Prioritized projects include the Africa Plateau, the Reptile Preserve, and the Heart of the Zoo. Master Plan 2024 also presents proposed enhancements for Oklahoma Trails, a new Childrenís Adventure area, an enhanced entry plaza, an elephant expansion, a Congo Forest, a Feline Oasis, a Biodiversity Hotspots building, and an Aquatic Garden. The Master Planís total budget estimate is between $115 million and $230 million, allowing for the flexibility to pursue portions of a project or the entire scope based on needs and finances.

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