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  1. DIY Dinners

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    I don't do turkey, so this would be a good alternative. Too bad I live alone, it's a little too much for one person. I suppose I could freeze portions. It looks really good would make a nice addition to my meal rotation. I would have to have the flour tortillas though, I don't care for cornbread. Thanks for the visual recipe!
    C. T.
    Do you not do turkey because it seems like too big of a hassle and too much meat? Or is it because you don't like turkey?
  2. Del City Captain Harrison Found guilty

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    Geez . . . And here I was a-thinkin' (innocently) that the Eastland/Martin/Zimmerman cases were travesties of justice. I guess I need to reset my paradigm for the new millennium or whatever. Dang.
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