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  1. Tulsa Population Discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by adaniel View Post
    Eeek! Only 0.3% growth for Tulsa? Last year the city grew by a full 1%...why the huge drop off?
    Wasn't that 1% in part from when they adjusted the Tulsa MSA boundary to include Muskogee & it's county, which prior to that had been a separate micropolitan area, though still part of the Tulsa CSA
    Even if you feel it is maxed out because of land (which it isn't), the metro area isn't growing much either.
  2. Lake Hefner at record low water levels, when will city buy Canton water?

    Quote Originally Posted by Inquiringmind View Post
    The million dollar question at the moment is why the City is releasing water downstream when neither Overhholser or Hefner are full.
  3. KTOK Before It Was All Talk

    Quote Originally Posted by bluedogok View Post
    The 10 Spot Jackpot
    Gary England (his wife worked there too....Traffic?)
    J. Shankle (a great guy, who I understand has passed away)
    Tom Furlong (one of the nicest guys you would ever want to meet)
    Larry LaMont
    John Brooks
    Capt Jim Perdue (traffic from the sky...I think it was a Cessna 150)
    Chicken Man and, my favorite The Tooth Fairy. Both Dick Orkin creations.

    Station was then owned by a group out of Fort Worth, canít remember ...
  4. Ebola virus

    Quote Originally Posted by PennyQuilts View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Bullbear View Post
    I apologize moderaters I attempted to not make this personal.. however to use such offensive terms and then be able to defend them and insult others is over the top for me.. instead of just admitting it was poor choice of words. over and over and over and always turn it around on everyone is just beyond. never taking any responsibility.
    Tell you what. I'm talking to my brother, this weekend and I'll ask his opinion if he thinks my horrible use of "AIDS people" is objectively indicative
  5. Juice Recipes For Juicers

    So let's move on at starting point. When you juice, crucial means choosing your ingredients wisely. The higher the quality of as well as vegetables vegetables it is possible to put into the system, the healthier you'll eventually turn. It's just simple.

    You should aim increase your overall eating habits. By all means here is another juice diet for a few of days to kick-start your fat reduction. ...
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