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  1. Two months in... and feeling good

  2. Top Golf confirms OKC development

    Quote Originally Posted by Andrea123 View Post
    Rumors floating around:

    TopGolf has threatened to sue Skybox for stealing TopGolf secret
    information. I cant imagine Skybox will take them on.

    TopGolf has interviewed a couple of big OKC law firms to file suit against
    Skybox. Question is when and how deep into the group of Skybox insiders
    and investors will the suit go.

    Supposedly, TopGolf very excited about coming to Oklahoma City. Rumor has
    it that they think this "small
  3. Living well with less

    Since downsizing and moving to a condo downtown, we're definitely living with less. We have less things... less stuff. I would say less clutter but that wouldn't be true. We've never had clutter. It's just not in our nature. In fact, we've always considered ourselves to be minimalists. Right up until we realized how much stuff we had hidden in the amazing amount of storage space our house had... we had stuff, you just couldn't see it. We'd been kidding ourselves and didn't even realize it.
  4. Spartan blogs

  5. A Little "Navigation" Help, Please . . .

    Quote Originally Posted by RadicalModerate View Post
    The other day--maybe yesterday--I noticed that immediately after posting a reply or whatever the touchpad on my laptop goes dead on this site. Refreshing doesn't do anything to fix this but completely logging out and re-logging in does. I also noticed that if I click the "Blog This Post" button and return to the Forum functionality has been returned at least until the next post.

    Is there an unwritten--or written--rule that I violated somehow about too many posts in too
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