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  1. Covid-19 News and Information

    Quote Originally Posted by Bellaboo View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by catcherinthewry View Post
    Most of our leaders aren't even taking the horse to the water.
    Who needs someone to tell them to get the vaccine ?

    The bottom line is do you want to live or rather possibly die ?

    Pretty darn simple.
  2. Covid-19 (Including Political Discussion)

    Quote Originally Posted by WheelerD Guy View Post
    “Two jabs to keep your job” is a long, long way from “Two weeks to flatten the curve.”

    Never been more glad that I’m independently wealthy!
    So it's that important to you to remain a danger to yourself, your family and your community.

    Some might call that selfish.
  3. Blog #13: The NBA Line of Demarcation and the Top 30 NBA Players of All Time (Part 1)

    The history of the National Basketball Association is broken up into three very distinct eras in my opinion. The Alpha Era is the beginning, the creation of the league itself. On June 6, 1946 in New York City, the Basketball Association of America was founded. Merging with the National Basketball League after the 1949 season, the eight-team National Basketball Association was official, with teams in smaller cities moving to larger cities and playing in larger arenas. The quality of play was said ...
  4. Blog #13: The NBA Line of Demarcation and the Top 30 NBA Players of All Time (Part 3)

    15. Kevin Garnett – Basketball Hall of Fame 2020, 1x NBA Champion, 0x Finals MVP, 2x Conference Champion, 1x MVP, 10x All-NBA: 4x First Team 2x Second Team 4x Third Team, 0x All-Star MVP, 10x All Star, 1x Defensive POY, 8x All-Defense, All-Rookie, 4x Rebounding Champion, 2000 Olympic Gold Medalist.

    NBA #18 All-Time Scoring Leader – 26,071 points

    NBA #9 All-Time Rebounding Leader – 14,662 rebounds

    NBA #18 All-Time Steals Leader – 1,859 steals
  5. Blog #13: The NBA Line of Demarcation and the Top 30 NBA Players of All Time (Part 2)

    This writer’s Top 30 NBA Players of All Time is confined strictly to the Modern Era, 1980 and after. Each player named played all or the bulk of their career in this era, because not only was the sport played at a much higher level, but it also has the key benefit of have being watched and evaluated in real time by the writer. No disrespect to Russell, Chamberlain, West, Robertson, Mikan, Lucas, Cousy, Sam Jones, Walt Frazier, Willis Reed, Wes Unseld, Elgin Baylor, Elvin Hayes, Nate Archibald, John ...
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