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  1. Trumps Accomplishments

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    You were the one that brought up Dinkins and the crime rates in the 80s, which are not the same thing.

    But what is reality, despite Trump and Rudy's demented screaming about NYC being on fire today, that current crime rates are far lower than when Rudy was mayor. If crime rates in the 90s were Dinkin's fault, so were crime rates in the 00s under Rudy.

    The truth is, despite the bleating from Fauxnews, NYC remains one the safest cities in the United States. Far safer
  2. Covid-19 Economic Impact

    [QUOTE=jdizzle;1126688][QUOTE=pw405;1126682]I've got a bad feeling that Wall St. hasn't fully accepted the realities of the economy just yet. (I own a [B]significant [/B]amount of stocks). After seeing all these local businesses get dragged on social media about a covid case happening (or thought to have happened) there, and if they reported it, how they're treating employees, etc. It gives me concern that the fear factor in going out and doing normal things will be around for some time. Probably ...
  3. Frontier City

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    Isn’t there usually a perpetual deal somewhere for Frontier City?
    Credit unions have cheap tickets
  4. Old Railroad Question re MKT

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    Two memories of the Katy. Can remember the Katy covered wagons, F units on the old Rock Isand after MKT took over after it went into receivership. They made quite a show up going west up ‘Choctaw hill’.
    And when I hired our on the ATSF, working at the Nowers yard between 23rd and 36th, there was at least one prior right switchman that came over to the Santa Fe when it acquired the rights on the old Katy line thru Midwest city and on to Shawnee.
  5. University of Oklahoma

    Quote Originally Posted by Stew View Post
    I think Alabama is about due another humiliating loss to an underdog. Either way though OU going to the final four in 3 of the last 4 season is pretty impressive. There is just no way to spin that ugly.
    Alabama and Georgia's situation is reminiscent of OU and Texas in the early 2000s. This too shall pass.
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