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04-14-2007, 09:53 AM
Now that it is (supposedly) getting warm, what is the best dog park in the metro? I've been to the one in Norman and wasn't impressed at all. Hefner and Del City are nice. Has anybody been to Edmond? Are there any more I don't know about?

05-17-2007, 05:23 PM
I have been to Edmond many times and it compares favorably with the OKC PAW Park.

I'll compare the two based on my impressions:

OKC PAW PARK (Hefner):
- Larger "small dog" run than at Edmond;
- Much larger "beach" area in large dog run. It's a better area for people to stand and watch their dogs from the beach without getting wet themselves.
- Shade areas and more seating benches for us two-legged types;
- Larger parking area that is fairly set off from any major street or intersection.
- More developed landscaping (although Edmond's dog park is only a year old and they have recently added several trees.)

- Large dog run compares favorably with the Hefner PAW Park. Small dog run is smaller.
- The water area has a much smaller beach for dogs (and their people) to run on, BUT this area is fenced off, so if you don't want to let your dog run in the water, you can keep it from doing so. (I don't always enjoy Sophie taking a swim, so we have to plan the "swimming" trips when I know we can go home and give her a bath.
- Parking is a bit of a challenge. There is a parking lot for the adjacent "people" park (with walking trails for people and their leashed dogs). You have to trapse quite a ways, however, through a wooded area to get to the dog park. The other option is to park on the back side of Mardel's at 33rd and Broadway. Regardless of where you park, you have to walk to the main entrance of the dog park, which squarely faces 33rd Street (150th for us OKCers). Not even 1/4 mile east of Boulevard, this is a very, very busy intersection and street. I would recommend Edmond put up a barricade along the sidewalk adjacent to the dog park before a tragic accident occurs. All it takes is for one excited, undisciplined dog to slip its leash and it's right into traffic.

That being said, we enjoy both parks. And yes, I do work for OKC Parks!

If the best of both parks could be combined it would be truly spectacular.