View Full Version : Wagging can indicate a dog's mood

03-24-2007, 07:09 AM
From The Sun (,,2-2007130830,00.html):,,2007131828,00.jpg

DOGS wag their tails in different directions depending on their mood, a study shows.

If they are happy and want to play, they wag to the right.

The same applies if they see a cat or human they like, as our graphic above shows.

But if they’re upset or see a rival, they wag to the left, Italian psychologists found.

They say the research, on 30 breeds, could help vets and animal workers judge if a dog is approachable.

One said: “Tail-wagging is an important emotional response.”

It's not that easy to tell with my pugs' curled up tails or even our lhasa's "pom-pom" tail.