View Full Version : OKC Zoo Store now open at Penn Square

11-03-2004, 11:40 AM
If you haven't had a chance to go over to Penn Square Mall lately, you might stop in. The new OKC Zoo store is now open. It should be open throughout the holiday season. It is a temporary lease...the zoo is just trying to bring in some added revenue for the holiday season. But, who knows, if the store is successful, the zoo might consider putting a more permanent store in the mall. This is eactly what Eskimo Joes did. They put temporary clothing stores in the malls for the holiday season and found out they did very well. As a result, they now have permanent stores at Penn Square Mall and Woodland Hills Mall in Tulsa. Of course, they still open up additional seasonal stores at Christmas time...there are currently temporary seasonal stores opened at Quail Springs Mall and Tulsa Promenade. Anyways, it's always a mall's hope that short term leases will turn into more substantial long term leases later. It's a way of giving local retailers a testing ground. In addition, it gives the mall a chance to make some profits while waiting for another long term tenant to fill the space. Practically all malls around the country now are using this system with a small percentage of their retail space. Both Quail Springs and Penn Square currently have about the same amount of short term leases......I'd say both malls probably have about 4 or 5 short term tenants, Quail probably having a few more than Penn. Quail is more willing to open it's space up for short term leases, whereas the management at Penn is more particular.