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07-16-2004, 09:38 PM
A new shuttle will be running a loop around Bricktown. I think this is great, because Bricktown is expanding and it's hard to get from one side to the othe by walking. The other day, I ate at Abuelos and then wanted to go to Bass Pro Shop.....I chose to walk because I didn't want to move my was quite a walk over there. Had this shuttle been in effect, I would've used it. One of the cool things about this shuttleis that it's free. Of course, they're trying to get you to park in the new North Bricktown parking lot.....not sure if that's going to work, because Okie's still don't want to pay $5 to park, but the shuttle service will be nice.

Just a note to all of those that don't like to pay the $5 (myself included). All downtown parking meters are free after 5 PM. Also, parking in all city garages is $2 in the evenings and on weekends. I often park in the Santa Fe Garage and walk under the railroad tracks and into Bricktown. It avoids the Bricktown parking hassle. Personally, I've never understood why people have to park right in Bricktown. Laziness I guess.

Here's the article:

"Real Deals: Bricktown launches shuttle to ease parking woes
by Darren Currin
The Journal Record

Patrons to the Bricktown area will find it easier to navigate around the entertainment district starting this weekend thanks to the launch of a new free shuttle service.
Called The Bricktown Express, the shuttle service will operate every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 4:30 pm to 2:30 am. The shuttle will operate a continuous loop from the north parking lot with stops at participating restaurants and clubs, to Bass Pro Shops and return.

Entry to the north parking lot is located on Main Street, just east of E.K. Gaylord. Shuttle stops and participating merchants are identified with purple and gold flags throughout the district.

"The Bricktown Shuttle will allow customers to park once and be whisked to their favorite restaurant and on to a movie, shopping or sporting event for free," said Rob Farrah, chief operating officer of Oklahoma City-based JDM Investments and president of the Bricktown Association. "In addition to the scheduled service, we also plan to run the Bricktown Shuttle during special events."

One of the factors spurring the decision to create the shuttle service was a desire to deal with the perceived parking problem in Bricktown. Frank Sims, executive director of the association, noted that there are more than 4,000 parking spaces in Bricktown and another 1,000 on the way.

"As Bricktown continues to grow, we feel we needed to find a solution to ease parking and help make getting around the district customer friendly," said Sims. "We believe The Oklahoman Bricktown Express is the solution and offers an exciting, user-friendly alternative."

With the opening of the Harkins Bricktown 16 Theatre scheduled to open Oct. 1, the association also views the new service as a way to create a stronger transportation system that will be in place to handle the influx of people that are expected to visit Bricktown when the theater opens its doors.

"The idea for the shuttle was conceived because none of the participating restaurants owned their own parking lots," said Jim Cowan, owner of the Bricktown Brewery. "While we could not do anything about parking costs, we determined the best solution was to provide free transportation to our customers once they were in the district."

The Oklahoman Bricktown Express is an Opus bus operated by Metro Transit. The European design of the bus and highly visible merchant logos and graphics create a fun, alternative mode of transportation.

The new service is made possible by Bricktown merchants including Abuelo's, Bass Pro Shops, Bourbon Street Cafe, BPI Parking, Bricktown Brewery, Chelino's, City Walk, Crabtown, 'Da Boat, Lower Bricktown, Mickey Mantle's, Nonna's Painted Door, RedHawks, Zio's and The Oklahoman.

More information on the shuttle service is available by calling 236-8666 or by visiting"