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01-09-2007, 10:25 AM
Dumping trashy views in Bricktown
City warns of citations unless property owners put up screens.
By Steve Lackmeyer
Business Writer

Oklahoma City is putting Bricktown property owners on notice they no longer will be allowed to violate city law by placing open trash bins along streets, sidewalks and alleyways.

More than 20 Bricktown property owners and businesses are being told they face a "higher standard” when it comes to community appearance and will face city citations unless they screen their trash bins.

The city issued the notice Dec. 13, giving owners and merchants 30 days to comply with the law or face enforcement action. But that notice is somewhat in doubt because it was sent only to the Bricktown Association, with a request to distribute it to members and property owners.

"We would encourage our members to do everything they can to keep their areas clean, but we are not an enforcement body,” association director Frank Sims said. "In our minds, it's a city enforcement action that does need to be addressed, but we've not, as an association, taken any action on it.”

The letter also asks the Bricktown Association to provide a list of locations where trash Dumpsters are open and in violation of city ordinance. Sims said he's uncertain how to respond to that request, as well.

A higher standard
Mayor Mick Cornett said the city normally addresses such code violations only in response to complaints, but Bricktown merits pro-active enforcement.
"It's a tourist attraction, and it needs to be as clean as it can be,” Cornett said. "We do hold Bricktown to a higher standard.”

Planning Director John Dugan said the enforcement action began with concerns expressed by the Bricktown Urban Design Committee, which regulates designs for construction and changes to existing exterior facades.

"We're trying to get voluntary compliance,” Dugan said. "We want to be working in partnership with businesses. If there is a limitation that prevents screening, then the owner can approach the city and request a variance.”

The city has not received any response or application to construct fencing or screening. Dugan said the next step will be to send inspectors to issue warnings to violators.

"We can't ignore it anymore,” Dugan said.

Owners agree
Avis Scaramucci, a member of the design committee and owner of Nonna's and The Painted Door, said members have agreed to pay extra attention to any new applications that don't address screening of trash bins.
"If we don't clean up and cover our trash, it just sends a wrong message,” Scaramucci said. "We're charged with protecting the aesthetics of this community.”

Two property owners who may be forced to erect screening or fencing said they support the city's enforcement.

"It really would make the neighborhood look a little nicer,” said Jeff Brown, who owns the Miller-Jackson Building.

Brown said the trash bins behind his building on Flaming Lips Alley were once screened, but the screening was removed after they were hit by vehicles and replaced with a trash compactor. Brown said he would try to comply with the law.

Jim Brewer, a property owner in Bricktown for 20 years, said he didn't understand why the ordinance wasn't consistently enforced. Trash bins are unscreened behind nightclub properties he owns along Main Street — across from the Bricktown police station — and along Flaming Lips Alley.

"We'll try to adhere,” Brewer said. "We feel like it's got to be cleaned up. ... It's time we all grow up and get it done.”

01-09-2007, 10:42 AM
Obvioulsy, they have no enforcement power, but they could easily cooperate. Don't they have an interest in steering compliance. It's actually kind of nice that the city went to them first before issuing citations. They should at least have the rolodex to call some people and say "hey, the city's called and they're cracking down. Look out." I do know that the city has no obligation to do that and could just start enforcing it. So, instead of complaining, they should just get off their butts, say thankd for the warning, and fix it. They seem to think that they would be helping the city by cooperating, but they'd really helping the businesses in their association avoid citation.

01-09-2007, 11:08 AM
My thoughts exactly. I'm glad to see the city recognizing the need for this.

01-09-2007, 02:07 PM
Long overdue. Now if they would enforce it everywhere else. Especially in the CBD and other tourist areas.

01-15-2007, 12:09 AM
every trash can needs a dress.........dont you agree zios does a great job of it.........but the flaming lips alley (does it have rooms for fences, that might take away from the owners parking) j/k