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12-01-2006, 02:43 PM
Just a quick post as I head out today...

- Check in issues.
- Securtity major issues either. No wait.
- Terminal....

Okay here are some issues.

1) Can we get rid of the birds flying around inside?

2) Power outlets. Whoever designed this new facility without thinking of putting power outlets through is just stupid. Would like to see where they can have some sort of consule in the rows of seats - say every 4 or so...where there are 2 to 4 power outlets. You can run the wires and such under the rows so there would be little impact to the flow of walkers. It is pathetic that you have those needing to work on a laptop unable to get an outlet because some person needs to charge their iPod.

3) Gate desks...some need to be fixed up a bit instead of being so ghetto. Most look like the FID was just thrown up and some old airline signs put next to it. No pausing to actually make it look good.

Well thats it...more on the way back.

12-03-2006, 04:57 PM
ADD SFO to that list for 2)

I just returned from two weeks in Japan and while passing through SFO International - I noticed your item 2. SEA-TAC airport doesn't have them either, nor does LAX (from my experiences).

I only fly United, so I only have experience with their gate areas.

Perhaps airports are getting out of the "outlet" business to save dollars.?? But just wanted to insert that so you all dont think it is JUST an OKC issue/complaint.

12-07-2006, 10:40 AM
These are all known issues with new terminals. Give it some time, things should be taken care of. About the powerports, I guess since the entire terminal is Wi-Fi enabled, they didn't think about having powerports for laptops, but I agree, there should be some. Now you can't have powerports in every four rows in every gate holding room (that would be quite expensive) but having IT "terminals" like some of the major airport terminals have or one to two internet cafes where you can browse the net for a nominal charge or where you can hook up your computer would definitely do well not only for the airport but also for pax.