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10-24-2004, 09:04 PM
There is a cable series on Showtime called "Dead Like Me." It is concluding it's second season.

To give you an idea what the series is about, the central character is a girl named Georgia "George" Lass. She died by being hit with a toilet seat from a Russian space station's travel to Earth. Her soul was "reaped" a minute or so before her death. She then becomes a "reaper." There is a head "reaper" named Rube played by Manny Patinkin. He gives stick notes with the names and ETD of the departed and they then "reap" the soul before death.

On this weeks episode, Rube faces the death of his daughter. Rube died in 1927. He had a close relationship with his daughter. She is reaped by Yeardly "Lisa Simpson" Smith. Rube very gently and lovingly comforts his daughter as Yeardly reaps her. He sings "Always" to her in a very soft tone. It is one of the best perfromances I have seen on this program. The program in it's own right is really good.

Manny Patinkin was a regular on "Chicago Hope." Prior to that I had never heard of him, but he had a long, elustrious career on broadway, and is one of the best tenors I have ever heard.

When I first started learning the guitar, my teacher said "Music is not from here (pointed to his mouth), and it is not from here (pointed to his brain). It is from here (pointed to his heart)." Manny Patinkin proves this. He sings with a great deal of feeling.

I rarely become teary eyed when I hear someone sing. Manny Patinkin gives me that feeling. I feel the gentleness and the feeling he puts into his music.

I strongly suggest seeing the program. Especially this episode.

If you have seen the program, what is your opinion? If you take my advise and watch it, what did you think?

"Dead Like Me" has become my favorite cable series. I hope it has a long life. I would hate to see the "reaper" end this one. :Smiley199