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09-17-2006, 06:29 PM
I had started a thread a few months ago when I was looking for after school music lessons for my children. I had a few suggestions from members and I appreciate the feedback. Our family believes that music education is just as important as sports, so finding a place for private voice, violin and piano lessons was important. After doing some research, I thought I'd share my findings with other parents here.

This past Saturday, my family attended an amazing open house at OCU's Performing Arts Academy. After meeting the faculty, seeing their new teaching studios and hearing their students, we were sold! The private lesson rates are cheaper than most OKC teachers. The deciding factor is when we had talked to my daughter's choir teacher and she said that only OCU offers proper music/voice training. She would (in her words) never send anyone to Lyric's program.

My children visited the Lyric Academy and we were not impressed at all. We found the facilities lacking and the staff, at least to us, only interested in making (as they told us) "a star" out of our children. There's more to music than being "a star". At Oklahoma City University, we feel they will get a music education.

I advise anyone looking into music lessons for their child to check OCU's Performing Arts Academy out. it really is a hidden gem in OKC! :artist:

09-17-2006, 07:07 PM
I agree with all above. It's a fine facility. I would take exception to the professor's statement that only OCU can properly train voice students. Milena Govich, a fairly recent UCO grad spent some time singing on Broadway before having a starring role in NBC's "Conviction," and now, "Law & Order." I guess Broadway thought that UCO voice training was passable :)