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08-14-2006, 04:55 PM
I was wondering if anyone had suggestions about after school music lessons? I have a 10 yr old who wants to play piano and take voice lessons. I checked out Lyric Theater and, while they sounded ok, I didn't get a great, organized opinion of them. I have also called Oklahoma City University and their Performing Arts Academy. They sounded professional and very organized and I like that they have faculty with college degrees.

I'm still looking and open to suggestions!! OKC area only. Thanks!

08-15-2006, 11:15 AM
Yes, I'm sure OCU would be great. Lyric Theatre from what I've seen and heard is great.

08-16-2006, 04:32 PM
Thanks Metro for your reply. I was extremely impressed with OCU and the voice professor we met who had a degree in voice. Lyric I found lacking in organization. I called twice before they bothered to return my call and then it took them a month to send registration info. I went to see one of their children shows and was unimpressed. They seem to teach the kids how to scream rather than sing.

I'm thinking more about OCU since it is from a real educational institution rather than a theater. When I asked Lyric is their teachers had degrees in music or drama, I was told "probably", while at OCU, I was told what college they graduated from! I'd rather my child learn from a trained, educated professional.

If anyone else has suggestions, please let me know! Thanks!

08-21-2006, 11:24 AM
I was just told that OCU Academy is holding an Open House on Sat Sept 16th. They will have class demos (like Suzuki) and I was told they have some big prizes to give away!