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08-09-2006, 03:35 PM
I was told never to say anything if I could not say any thing nice.
Having said that Wes Lane is very good at tap dancing around the issues.
He has been asked the direct question as to are there sexual offenders being put in nursing homes or allow to work there .
He is very quick to call a press conference over any one he wish's to say their in la la land before ever meeting them or to go after someone trying to solve a problem but yet seems shy to come out in public and answer the questions of the public of which voted him into office at lest the second term.
Lets review some facts here .
Ex-worker claims inmate beaten
A former Oklahoma County Jail employee claims she was fired because she reported watching fellow workers beat a wheelchair-bound inmate, fire pepper spray in his face and attempt a cover-up of the incident.
Randi Gill, who monitored surveillance cameras at the jail, makes the allegations in a lawsuit filed recently in Oklahoma County District Court. Defendants are the Oklahoma County Board of Commissioners, Sheriff John Whetsel and the sheriff's office.
Six sheriff's department employees were fired three days after the May 17, 2004 incident. Danny Honeycutt, attorney for the sheriff's department, said the decision to fire the employees came after an internal investigation. But Honeycutt said he reviewed a videotape of the incident and does not classify it as a beating.
Charges were presented to the district attorney, who declined to file a criminal complaint he said.

"It wasn't a beating; simply a matter of some of our employees acting in an unprofessional manner,"
If this is the stand he's taken than would it not follow that when employees in nursing homes who fail to stop someone from tormenting another or not finding some one who as passed for several days as just some employees acting in an unprofessional manner.
Here's another issue to which he's seem to tap dance .
He now has started a new focus on those that would steal money from the elderly.
I would agree that's a great concern and should be addressed but faced with two different issues one being their money stolen the other their life which would you think more important .
If you noticed he now has a new manager to replace Mrs.. love I guess to avoid the question as to having a good connection to the nursing home industry why does he not answer the questions and fix the problem
Other issues that have come up which so be questioned

The Commissioner of Health is authorized to distribute information from the sex offender registry to any nursing home or long-term care facility. Nothing in this subsection shall be deemed to impose any liability upon or give rise to a cause of action against any person, agency, organization, or company for failing to release information in accordance with the Sex Offenders Registration Act."
Consider that OK lists all registered sex offenders online. Therefore anyone with access to the Internet can access the OK state sex offender registry. As well, anyone can distribute that information to those who they believe it would be relevant to receive that information to protect themselves from these offenders.
Now the second sentence... .. if an nursing home refuses to provide this information to residents, their legal representatives and / or families, staff, or visitors.... there is complete immunity for not making such notifications.
So if the facility chooses to not to tell... perhaps because they feel by telling people may not want to reside or have their loved ones reside in that facility... which could impact their profits... they cannot be held accountable.
Does this sound like protecting they elderly:fighting3