View Full Version : Boulevard Cafeteria

07-07-2006, 10:58 AM
I ate there with my gf yesterday for lunch. This has been a MidTown mainstay for years. It is just off 11th street right by St. Anthony's behind the Plaza Court bldg. They are a caferteria style restaurant if the name didn't give it away. The food was excellent and very home-cooked meal tasting. The only down side I saw was when I got the bill, it was $20 for the two of us for lunch and we drank waters. Good food, good experience, high on the prices though, especially for the small portions on the main dish. The dessert portions were generous.

I had the chicken fried chicken with a baked potato and fried eggplant. The chicken and the eggplant were awesome! Dessert was a huge slice of some sort of chocolate cake. The cake was delicious but real dense and rich.