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11-13-2006, 07:32 PM
I voted for "Wild Oats" (which I visited while in Tulsa last weekend). There's also a chain that, I believe, is centered in Texas, that might be good too. I can't remember the name: I shopped in one of their newer stores about four years ago while in Dallas for a few weeks of training: it was, I believe, north of Richardson, just off of the Bush loop). It was actually very large, and had a lot of interesting typs of foods. Can anyone help me out?

Regarding the antipathy towards WalMart: an old adage about about beggars and choosers comes to mind... The Wild Oats was smack-dab in the middle of what appeared to me to be a very wealthy, and rather large, section of Tulsa, and yet the grocery itself was rather small (albeit busy). Of course my point is that all that concentrated residential wealth was required to support a relatively small store: do we have such a concentration here in OKC and, if so, how far is it from Bricktown?

But I suppose we're just doing a bit of make-believe on this one aren't we?

11-14-2006, 05:21 PM
Yes, OKC has more wealth and population than Tulsa. OKC could easily support several of these stores without question. I visited the Wild Oats in Tulsa yesterday. I thought it was very nice. They've had it 7 years. They are currently expanding the store and remodeling it. Very similar to Whole Foods. Again, I think we should really push for them to come to OKC. There marketing manager is totally on board for them and has been pushing for an OKC location. We all need to email them and let them know. Obviously they aren't worried about the liquor laws in OK like Whole Foods is. HFK, I'm pretty sure you're referring to Whole Foods in the DFW area.

email them at Wild Oats Natural Marketplace - natural and organic food for your healthy lifestyle. (