View Full Version : Land Prices on the rise

05-14-2006, 04:58 PM
I did some research at the Cleveland County Assessors website and was amazed at the price some pieces of land are going for in the Riverwalk North development.

I think they whole area (about 60 acres I believe) was sold last year for about $4 million dollars. (that is about $67,000+ an acre). They have already sold about 35 acres for $4.87 dollars. Warren theaters got their 25 acres for what the developer paid, aobut $67,000 an acre or $1.76 million total. there have been 5 other parcels sold, but for much more. They range from 1.2 acres to 2.16 acres, and prices from $452,000 for a 2.16 acre parcel to $707,000 for a 1.91 acre parcel. That is $413,000 an acre. That piece was sold to a Primrose Restaurant Properties LLC. I did a little research and couldn't find anything about them. Harley Davidson ownes one of the pieces, and so does Weokie Credit Union. It could be a new bank location, or maybe they are the mortgaging bank for someone else.