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05-03-2006, 05:22 PM
News Snippet...

OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma is one step away from losing the distinction of being the only state that bans tattoos.

The Oklahoma Senate voted 29-15 on Wednesday to legalize and regulate tattoo establishments, which have been officially prohibited in the state since 1963.
"We're thrilled. We've been waiting for this for years. It's about time," said Rhiannon Padgett, who, with her husband Anthony, operate a tattoo parlor in the Oklahoma City suburb of Bethany.

The bill now goes to Gov. Brad Henry, who is expected to sign it. "Public health officials have urged the governor to sign the legislation so they can legalize and regulate the practice and he is inclined to do so," said spokesman Paul Sund.
In recent years, tattoo parlors have operated openly in some cities, with tattoo artists periodically being fined. Some authorities largely ignored the unregulated practice.
South Carolina was the 49th state to legalize tattooing in 2004, although it was not until March 2006 that regulations were in place and the first person was legally adorned with the body art. The Oklahoma Department of Health began pushing for legalization two years ago, saying it was important for the public's health that tattooing be regulated. HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, and hepatitis could be spread by unsanitary needles, health officials said.

05-03-2006, 06:00 PM
Awesome! Now, all that is left is allowing liquor stores to sell strong, domestic cold beer and for grocery stores to sell strong, cold beer and wine.

Perhaps also, casinos in Oklahoma would be allowed to conduct roulette and craps?

Our state has DEFINITELY changed from they way it was only six years ago!