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04-25-2006, 11:27 PM
Feel free to brag about your kids. We'd all like to hear positive things about them, to contradict the worldview that today's kids are all troubled.

04-25-2006, 11:31 PM
I am a kid can I say good things about me? J/K

04-26-2006, 12:20 AM
I am a kid can I say good things about me? J/K

Sure, why not. How about saying good things about your parents!

04-26-2006, 12:34 AM
Brag about my kids? There's not enough space here to do it all. ;)

My six-year old daughter is doing great in school. She is finishing up her Kindergarden this spring. They tested her abilities at school because she was doing so well and was a little bored. She's reading at a mid-year 2nd grade level! We always knew she was bright, and its nice to see some confirmation of our beliefs. From an early age she was like a sponge soaking up everything she could about a variety of subjects. Her teachers have been very helpful in obtaining more challenging material for her to to work on; it has really kept her interest in learning high. On top of all that, she is doing very well in gymnastics. She is currently at a level 2 and has jumped to level 3 for the next session. She really loves it and does handsprings and splits all day long.

My son is a quiet one, but he's the sweetest, most caring kid you've ever seen. He's just turned four and has begun showing an interest in learning the alphabet beyond just his name. ;) He sees my daughter reading and has told his mom and I that he wants to read too (nothing like a little sibling rivalry to get you motivated). :D He's excited that this fall he gets to go to school like his sister (in pre-K). He's a bundle of energy and I think I'll get him in t-ball or soccer next season. He doesn't seem interested right now, but I'm sure he'll become so soon.

Enough from me. Let's hear from everyone else.

04-26-2006, 09:27 AM
Madmonk - That's so sweet!

I'm the same way.. I love my kids so much!

I can't imagine life without them.. they have made everything I do in life so much better.

My oldest is turning 13 on Saturday.. I almost can't type that without tearing up .. he's so handsome and I can't believe it is going so fast! He is taller than me.. ( oh here I go... boo hoo!)

Anyway, he did his first Violin solo competition a few weeks back ( I got to go in) and he was so nervous but did so well ( of course, I bawled through that - trying to be discreet and not sniffle through his performance!) There is just something about seeing a little man growing up.. all dressed up in slacks and a tie.. so confident. He got three medal/ribbons that day. I was so proud of him.
He loves music, he is into the Gorillaz.. he went online and printed out the music for Clint Eastwood - 'Future is coming on, it's coming on.. ' Anyway, a few minutes later, I hear him going to town on his violin and he was playing that song like a pro! I'm getting him an Electric Guitar and an amp( and earplugs) for me for his birthday.

Anyway, he is doing great in school and got nominated for a USAA National Journalism Award by his teacher which was cool ( maybe they all do, it was still cool!). He gets to go to the No MIssed Assignments parties all the time where they get to have pizza and watch movies. All A's and B's on his report card ..

My youngest is the sweetest lil guy. He is so cute! He is 8 and his teacher adores him. She says he is the best friend in the class, so quiet and gentle.. I told her she had an alien invasion because when he gets home, he unleashes his pent up energy.. still, he is such a joy to us.. still loves holidays and is excited about all things childlike.
His Star testing came back and he is reading at the top of charts.. I think it was 4.9 level or something like that. He is doing really well in math and I'm happy the basics are being covered and they are both doing fine in school.

Anyway, thanks for letting me boast about my kids.

They are healthy and sweet and I'm so blessed!

04-26-2006, 09:54 AM
I love talking about my kids and I enjoyed reading your posts above. Congrats to the both of you on the success of your children.

My 6 year old is "grauduating" from Kindergarten next month! I can't believe he will be in 1st grade next year! He is reading very well and the teacher told me that his inventive spelling techniques are 2nd grade level. I am most proud of him for how caring he is to his 1 year old brother. It is one of the most rewarding feelings in the world seeing how much they love each other.

My baby (just turned 1!) he is doing so good on his speech. He has a vocabulary of about 35 words. He just started walking on Easter! He is such a loving child. He loves giving his family kisses and hugs all the time!

I will stop now...

04-27-2006, 09:03 PM
My 18 year old son is a senior at U.S. Grant High School. He has excelled in everything that he has done, ever since he was in elementary school. He has always had good grades, even though he had bad study habits like his dad (me). He is a very intelligent teenager, and has been nominated it in to the "Who's who Among American High School Students." Only the highest-achieving students in high school are even considered for this honor. He was nominated by one of his teachers. If he is chosen, he will qualify to apply for one of 61 scholarships totalling over $100,000.00. He will also be automatically eligible to use the College Referral Service, which will inform selected colleges and universities about his celebrated award. He is also eligible for OHLAP (Oklahoma Higher Learning Access Program), which is a state funded program that will pay the college tuition to any college in the State of Oklahoma.

He is the president of the U.S.Grant chapter of the Business Professionals Of America, as well as a board member of the Campus Crusaders Club (a Christian organization similar to the FCA). His goal one day, is to own his own company, and to be a web page designer. He has never had an interest in sports, only academics.

At church, he is one of the up and coming senior youth leaders, and leads praise and worship services for the youth on Wednesday nights. He sings and plays the bass guitar as well. He started working at age 16, and has been employed at the same place for two years now. He has his own car which he pays for.......gas, insurance, and car payment. With his outstanding work ethics, and his desire to meet challenges head on, I see a bright future for him. He is not ready to be out on his own, but he is getting there.

My 13 year old daughter is a 7th grader this year at Belle Isle School. This is her second year at Belle Isle, and she will be going back this next school year. She has also excelled in school, making straight A's. She is my homework child. Everytime I came home fron work, she seemed to be always working on homework. Throughout the school year, she has been involved in completing special projects, in which she received high scores on. She has lots of friends at Belle Isle and really enoys the school and loves all of her teachers. She isn't at the point right now where she is involved in any extracurricular school activities. She loves to play her acoustic guitar and loves to sing. She is a daddy's girl, and at least once a month, we go out on a father/daughter date....and have a blast.

I am very proud of my kids and the accomplishments they have made.

09-01-2006, 11:54 PM
My 23 year old son just got married this summer to a beautiful young woman and she just found out that she is pregnant. My 14 year old daughter joined the choir at church with her father. She started taking guitar lessons a year ago and is now in a band playing the bass guitar and they played their first gig at a birthday party last weekend.