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02-11-2006, 05:21 AM
Last night on Dancing with the Stars, the contestants were talking about how ballroom dancing had affected their bodies in a positive manner. Tighter bodies and leaner and meaner. Just kidding about meaner---just perfection.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! And that Stacie's Body. mmmmmmm!

Anyone up to a spin around the floor?

02-12-2006, 05:49 AM
LOL Are youall scared to take a spin with me across the dance floor? I am oldddddddd and ________, so you can consider me to be safe. (Cries the wolf in Sheep's clothing)

It will be OK Safe as I am having severe withdrawal pains from not getting a dose of Stacie prancing and shaking across the floor. y "Dancing with the Stars" be on every night as long as Stacie is in the competition. LOL

I would probably be like those marines holding those signs: "Body Slam Me, Stacie!" LOL

02-27-2006, 05:32 AM
Oh! The Hurt last night when they narrowed it down to the two finalists, and Stacie was sent away from the competition. I wept.

I cried!

I bawled!

I went looking for a danged cat to kick....plum across the room with a thud.

LOL it was kinda depressing though, but the competition was over by that time anyway.

Anyone wanna learn to dance?

02-27-2006, 08:09 AM
I can't believe Jerry didn't win.