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12-23-2005, 05:22 PM
I just love when I read the news and get some good news.. today I was pleasanty surprised to read quite a few good things regarding our state.. a couple of articles I found interesting...

"Oklahoma is growing in population as residents look for work and a simpler life.

The U-S Census Bureau says the state added nearly 25-thousand residents between July 2004 and July 2005 to bring total population to more than three-and-a-half (m) million.

Kathleen Miller with the state Department of Commerce says people are growing tired of the inconveniences of living in large cities and are looking for a more spacious and rural lifestyle.

Miller says she's spoken with residents and it's hard to tell whether they are coming to Oklahoma for a better job or a better way of life."

Oklahoma City (AP) - Oklahoma lawmakers will have an additional 314 (m) million dollars to spend for the fiscal year that begins July 1st.

State Finance Director Claudia San Pedro unveiled state revenue estimates for the 2007 fiscal year today.

She says state revenue will total almost six-point-five (b) billion dollars, a five-point-one percent increase over the prior year's revenue collections. San Pedrro says the projected revenue increase is due largely to huge increases in income tax collections.

Revenue from sales and use taxes, estate taxes and investments of state revenue are also forecast to increase. The state Board of Equalization plans to meet on Tuesday to consider approving the revenue estimate.

OKLAHOMA CITY -- The unemployment rate in Oklahoma is below four percent to its lowest level in four years.

The state Employment Security Commission says the number of jobless in the state is 3.9 percent as retail employment increased during the last half of the year.

12-23-2005, 06:08 PM
I think the state should use this surplus and put the majority of into the education system. Oklahoma's education system is one of the worst in the nation (along with the roads and bridges) and this could help tremendously in that area. Consolidate those rural schools and improve the awful inner city schools of OKC and Tulsa, and provide more state funding for colleges. OU should be designated the state's "flagship" institution and receive more state funding so the state will have a top-notch public university similar to what they do in Wisconsin with UW-Madison and Texas with UT-Austin. I'm not saying cut funding from OSU, UCO, NSU, etc. but OU should continue to receive more state funds to generate revenue from associated tech and research jobs in Norman and so the state can claim a great nationally-recognized public university.