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12-22-2005, 08:51 PM
Haven't updated in a while so heres whats going on...


They have gone to 2 daily flights from 3 to Minneapolis and remained at 2 to Detroit and 3 to Memphis. There are some downgrades here though. All flights use to be operated by 69-seat Avro RJ85 aircraft, however Northwest is rejecting the leases on those in Ch11 and Mesaba is being forced to park them (Northwest leases the jets and then subleases to Mesaba to operate). Detroit has become all 50-seat/CRJ-200 flying by Pinnacle Airlines, Member has 2 RJ85s left and one switched to a CRJ-200, and Minneapolis is one and one. This will fluctuate a bit over the next few months with MEM going to 2 CRJs and 1 ARJ, MSP going to 2 CRJs, and DTW going to 1 CRJ and 1 ARJ.


They as well continue to operate in Chapter 11. Only major change appears to be a downgrade of the evening MD-88 flight to Atlanta to a 737-200 aircraft. They will remain with 4 flights to ATL, 2 CRJ-700s (70-seat) and 1 MD-88 with 1 737-200. Cincinnati is down to 3 CRJ-200s a day now, from the high of 5 flights. Salt Lake City is up a little, though still down from 5 to 3 flights. Two flights to SLC are back with CRJ-700s and 1 with a CRJ-200. Orlando will continue with the one CRJ-200 flight.


No major changes. Two ERJ-145XLRs to Newark, and a mix of mainline and RJs to Houston Bush.

US Airways

Continues with 2 CRJ-900s to Phoenix and 1 CRJ-900 to Las Vegas. Don't expect anything out of them for now. Side note though, January 4th will be the final day the America West name is used in the US-West system. Most former America West aircraft will be repainted by the end of 2006. The America West certificate will still be live for now, but they don't operate the flights here - Mesa the change over will be quicker here.


No major changes to Denver.


Nothing major as well.




Down to 19 flights a day...4 to Houston, 5 to Dallas Love, 3 to Phoenix, 1 to Las Vegas, 2 to St. Louis, and 4 to Kansas City.

Allegiant Air

Continues on course with 4 weekly to Vegas.

That's about other big changes. The airport is working on adding another 3 or 4 gates to the terminal, as the jet bridges are currently laying on the ramp out there.

12-22-2005, 09:29 PM
Thanks for the updates.

I just posted a comment on the article on your blog about the website.