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10-16-2022, 06:31 PM
Over the years I must have passed by this old school a million times . I remember it being somewhat empty in the 80's...later on it was renovated and business was in it. Now it looks like a business is in it...not sure what?-Chesapeake?

Anyone know any info on this old school bldg at NW 63rd and Western across the street (to the West of Chesapeake ) from Chesapeake?

Thank you Okc Talk folks!!!

10-16-2022, 06:59 PM
It was originally University Heights school.

From the Oklahoman 1/19/82:

A 71-year-old Oklahoma City school building near a creek and a rock quarry that was a favorite possum hunting ground at the turn of the century is under renovation for an office building.

So, the owners, logically, have named the edifice "Possum Creek Place."

Their Possum Creek Associates partnership will finance the $1.7 million renovation and they will occupy 12,000 square feet with their own oil firms.

H.K. Tony Calvert bought the surplus University Heights elementary school at NW 63 and N Western in 1979 for $213,000.

He said Monday a new wing and extensive renovation will be completed by fall.

Green Panther Drilling Co., Jay Petroleum Co. and Calvert Drilling Co. will move from the City Center Building at North Broadway and West Main to the new quarters. Approximately 10,000 square feet will be leased.

Chesapeake ending up buying it for $7 million in 2010 then sold it for $5 million in 2017.

It is now home to NBC Bank; there is actually parking underneath the building and the bank spent a bunch of money on renovation.

You can see a video, images and history of the school here: