View Full Version : City not supporting Balloon Fest

07-07-2004, 11:50 PM
As many of you know, the city of OKC pulled out of Balloon Fest this year. In year's past, they had offered use of Wiley Post airport for the fest. After last year, they said the fest was a waste and they wanted nothing to do with it anymore. So instead, the fest's major sponsor, the city of Bethany, has agreed to have Balloon Fest 2004 at Eldon Lion Park in Bethany. Personally, I think this is sad, that Bethany is willing to support this but the city of OKC is not. Although I'm sure Balloon Fest will still be nice, Eldon Lyon Park just doesn't have the space that Wiley Post did. With OKC not sponsoring it, it just won't be as large of a fest.