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Doug Loudenback
11-08-2005, 10:32 AM
A lengthy article, "The Bees Buzz On", at Time Magazine On-line is here:,9171,1126732,00.html

On page 3, the article concludes:

Though the team's financial prospects look promising, can the Hornets keep buzzing in Oklahoma after the new-team novelty wears off? In basketball, wins often write the bottom line. The Hornets were tied for the second worst record in the NBA last year and probably won't fare much better this season. It's one thing to pack the place on opening night, quite another to repeat the feat at the April game against the Golden State Warriors, with both teams playing for nothing but pride.

If the city embraces its guests despite the losses, the most contentious issue will arise. Why would the Hornets return to New Orleans, where the team ranked last in attendance even before Katrina's economic devastation? Critics have accused the owner of the NFL's Saints, Tom Benson, of trying to desert New Orleans for San Antonio or Los Angeles. "The goal is to go back," insists Hornets owner Shinn, who has already moved the franchise once, from Charlotte, N.C., to the Crescent City three years ago in search of better returns. Can he guarantee it? "Will you promise to me there will be no more hurricanes between now and then?" he asks. "Will you promise me that all our people will come back that can afford tickets and can buy tickets? You know, I don't have the tea leaves to determine all this. Our plan is to come back, period." Just by making it to tip-off, the Hornets took a big first step.