View Full Version : Restaurants at Jo's Pizza Facility

06-02-2021, 11:21 AM
I was in a discussion about the building that is now Jo's Pizza on 900 South Kelly. I know it was an Italian Restaurant but don't remember the name, I think there was another restaurant as well and then a church. Anyone know?
C. T.

06-02-2021, 11:30 AM
I remember it being a Lottinvilles(sp?) at one point. I can't remember anything else though.

06-02-2021, 12:39 PM
Yes, it was Lotinville's.

06-02-2021, 03:59 PM
Thanks, a group of old folks were having trouble coming up with the name and I'm wrong about Italian. I think it's because of what I ate there and it seemed to be Italian but now that I think about it, it wasn't.
C. T.