View Full Version : America West/US Airways Hub????

11-06-2005, 04:32 PM
I thought I would revisit the talk of a possible hub for OKC. Has anyone heard any more rumors about this possibility? I'm a bit concerned about how OKC is perceived as far as our ability to have non-stop flights to most major cities. We've all heard about how OKC has had trouble getting companies because of this and I am concerned that this may hurt the city in a long term way if we are serious about being a major league city. I believe the Hornets have a charter plane that takes them to all the cities they need to go to, but what about people like Commisioner David Stern who will be here for the Orlando Magic game on Wednesday night? Would it be difficult for him to get here versus getting to other cities? I don't believe he has ever been to our city and I wonder if the lack of having nonstop flights figures into his business decisions. Since we have the NBA here now, I think the city should really be more proactive in getting OKC more air service to the coasts and really TRY to get a company to establish a hub in OKC. It appears that air traffic in and out of OKC is increasing across the board, so now is the time to act. I hope this hub comes to fruition.