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09-17-2004, 04:01 PM
If you could choose the dress code the schools would be required to enforce, what would it be?

Here is mine.

Boys would have to wear dress shirts, polo shirts or non logo t-shirts (no writing at all), dress shoes or clean sneakers, dress slacks or jeans that were not torn or frayed. They would have to keep their shirt tails tucked in at all times and keep the buttons buttoned except the top button. No facial hair. That means no mustaches, beards or mutton chops. Their hair would be neatly combed in a short haircut no longer than a business cut. No "buzz" cuts, no hippie hair, no "helmet" hair. It would be kept clean. NO HATS INSIDE THE BUILDING. Males wearing hats inside a building a disrespectful (exception would be athletes playing their game and when a job required it such as workpersons wearing hardhats). Hygene would be used at all times. One ring, a watch and a short chain would be the only allowed jewelry.

Girls would be required to wear nice slacks, jeans (not so tight they look like a can of denim colred spray paint), ladies business suits, nice blouses (not tight or revealing), skirts or dresses that were no shorter than one hand above the knee, nice shoes or sneakers, hair neatly styled. No spike hair, no piercings (except one pierce per ear). No see through clothing. Lingere would be worn at all times with either pantyhose or nylons. No t's with any writing at all. No overbearing makeup. One bracelet or watch, a ring and a necklace would be all the jewelry allowed.

No student will have revealing tatoos or piercings on any part of the body (for boys) and anywhere but one piercing per ear for girls.

Boys will dress in a style that repesents gentlemanly conduct and not "gansta" or any other "rebellious" fashion. Girls will dress in a ladylike fashion and not look like they work Hollywood, Blvd or Sunset at night.

By following strict guidelines like we had to when I was a kid, I think it would cut down on the rebellious side of kids at get us back to where a firearm in the school is the lead story on the network news instead of a two line mention at the end of the newscat, if mentioned at all.

Plus, by not looking like tramps and gansters, it would cut down the temptation to make 30 year old mom and dad grandparents.