View Full Version : Glad Skip Wagner is gone

07-07-2004, 11:47 PM
I'm sure glad Skip Wagner, the former State Fair director is gone. For the two years he was here, all he did was ruin the State Fair of Oklahoma. He almost destroyed the midway. He raised booth leasing rates so high, we lost a lot of vendors. The fair the past two years just seemed more like a community carnival. It just hasn't been the same. Instead he focused on keeping the fair clean. I'd much rather he focused on improving exhibits. He completely cut ot the Garden and Flower building the past two years. I hope the new fair director brings that back.

I'll go to the fair this year just to see if any improvements have been made. I sure hope so.

Personally, I'm glad Skip Wagner is gone. Mr. O'Toole should do a much better job.