View Full Version : Old Dilapidated Sonic, how can this be allowed to continue?

07-29-2020, 09:44 AM
I was on Memorial near Costco yesterday when I saw this disgusting sight. I drive
by this place many times monthly.

If I recall correctly, and I'm 99.9% sure, this is an old Sonic that was closed many
years ago and has remained empty. I recall eating here many times, because at
the time, early to mid 1990's, it was a novel thing, a Sonic with inside the building

It's on the North side of Memorial, just East of Western, next door to the Waffle House
and Taco Bueno. Eskridge Lexus is very close by. It is directly North of the Costco
on the other side of the turnpike.

It has been an eye sore for a long long time.

Now it is literally falling down. I just can't believe this place has been allowed to
stand. The Corner areas of Memorial and Western are getting lots of new development
and this place needs to come down, scraped off and hauled away.

How is it that a structure like this has been allowed to continually decline and nothing
is done about it?


07-29-2020, 09:59 AM
According to Google Streetview it appeared to be in decent shape as of 03/2019. I recall OKC had a significant wind storm several weeks back, perhaps it caused some of the damage you see.

07-29-2020, 10:07 AM
Contact the Action Line, they'd probably find some code violations pretty easily in that mess and hopefully the owners would fix or tear down. No idea if that's how reality would actually play out, though, but that's what *should* happen. I also remember eating in the dining room there waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back, first (and only) Sonic dining room we have eaten in.

07-30-2020, 11:00 AM
Ward, I was about to contact the action line, but I noticed yesterday utility location services were out there marking lines in front. Seems like it has been destined for demolition. I will check for permits.

I see that building almost every day, its been in this state for about a month, Rain has made it worse. Its a lot worse on the southwest side of the building.

Edit: I'm not seeing a permit yet, but they marked utilities specifically at that spot for some reason.

07-30-2020, 11:10 AM
Side note, it would be nice to see Sonic buy their old property and put in their new concept. lol

08-07-2020, 02:54 PM
There is an MW spray painted on both sides of the building. I assume that is Midwest Demolition.

08-07-2020, 03:34 PM
There is an MW spray painted on both sides of the building. I assume that is Midwest Demolition.

I drive by there every morning on the way to work. Its been in that state of decline for a few months. It really started getting bad after all the rain an high winds weve had.

09-17-2020, 01:50 PM
Building has been razed and lot cleared.