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10-28-2005, 11:10 AM
Recently I tried to find my Mother Cheryl June Sweatman and my Sister Melody Sweatman DOB 8-29-1975 who I have not seen since 1989 I did a web search and found my little sisters Father Arthur Mastin on a website looking for her you can probably understand my surprise and confusion due to the fact that my sisters and I were told by our mother that he had died in 1975 the year my sister was born I made contact with him He has been searching for her since 1980 The last known address for my Mother was Bartelsville OK According to my uncle Dan Wayment Melody contacted him a few years ago she was married and had children but could not find her last name or address
Arthur Mastin her father was wounded in Vietnam and medically discharged from the marines He is a wonderful man who is loving kind and longing to meet his only Daughter He saw her once as an infant when he came to California after his discharge a Friend of my mothers brought Melody to met him in 1980 he legitimized her in the state of Utah and asked the case worker there to forward his info to my mother it either was not done or she ignored it he has been searching on and off for the past 30 years we moved around alot when I was younger and now that the internet is available search should be easy he placed the ad in 2001 when I contacted him he did tell me he had given up hope of finding her before he dies he is in his 60s but due to his injuries sustained in Vietnam he is on alot medications for pain My sister I know would be happy to hear her father is alive as children we would pretend he was I am not angry with my mother for being led to believe that Art Mastin was dead she has her reasons Art was not a violent person I remember him well from my childhood I am confused and saddened that alot of years were wasted that Melody and her father could have gotten to know each other it is a loss that can not be replaced
My Sisters Maiden name is Melody Sweatman our mothers name is Cheryl June Sweatman maiden name Wayment in 1989 they were living in Nowata Oklahoma My older sister Jamie Martin and her Son Gregory Martin were staying with them at the time, the last address I have was from 3-05 in Bartelesville OK was a web search and the number is disconected any info about, anyone who knows of them or if one of you are reading this Please Let Melody Know that her father Arthur Maston is Alive and wanting to get to know the Daughter he wasnt able to find.
I am Kimberly Sweatman my Maiden Name

10-31-2005, 10:12 PM
Update My sister called me tonight and is now talking to her father :) my work is done :)