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08-03-2019, 02:08 PM
This has been discussed elsewhere, but the proprietor of Commonplace Books and Kitchen is planning to open a small market in The Edge complex. Will be at the far south end along Walker.

More info and images:

08-04-2019, 03:50 AM

Imagine a selection of wine, cheese, fresh produce, locally grown flowers, deli meats, fresh baked bread, handmade pasta... on and on we could go. Imagine a market experience that’s as intentionally curated as the bookstore and as packed of full hospitality as the kitchen.

Imagine an in-house sommelier and cheese-monger to guide you through a process of discovery and exploration. Or think about this, a wine and cheese registry for your next holiday party or special occasion.

Imagine breakfast burritos in the morning and turkey sandwiches for lunch. Imagine picking up everything you need for a home cooked meal after a busy day at work.

Imagine a bike ride to the market for all of the ingredients for a big Saturday morning breakfast with pancakes, bacon and eggs. Imagine fresh squeezed orange juice, lattes and hummus to go. Imagine a pre-packed picnic lunch with everything you need for a first date or a fiftieth anniversary.

Imagine local farmers and growers bringing fruits and vegetables right into your very own homes. Or bike delivery service to Heritage Hills and Mesta Park.