View Full Version : All OKC Smashburger Closed?

05-27-2019, 12:37 PM
I recently came back from a deployment and noticed that the Smashburger in Moore closed. No more chocolate oreo shakes for me I guess, but then today on Google Maps it showed that all the metro Smashburgers were permanently closed. Does anyone know what happened? They're still open in Tulsa and Durant, OK of all places.

05-27-2019, 12:50 PM
Yes, all closed.

Probably a different franchisee here in OKC vs. the other locations.

05-27-2019, 03:12 PM
Totally Smashed.

05-27-2019, 03:41 PM
I went to the one in Moore on its last day and they said the same franchisee owned all of the locations in OKC and that they were converting them into The Catch.