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05-25-2019, 04:22 PM
Hey All...

Waaaaaaaay back when I was a freshman in college at CSU...soon to change to UCO in Edmond...about late 1981/82. I would go with a few friends to around NW 29th-30th and Portland...I believe.

There was a club back in a strip mall....everyone tells me it was Fritzi's. That name just doesn't ring a bell!!! Modern Dance club... I think they only served beer.

Help on the name!!!


05-25-2019, 05:06 PM
Quicksilvers was at 10th & MacArthur.

05-25-2019, 05:18 PM
Back in the late 70's and early 80's, the spot in the Will Rogers Park Plaza (just to the south of the park and on the east side of the raod) was the Olympic Ice Chalet, then The U, a roller disco.

It later became The Arena, which was C&W and then Fritzi's after that.

05-25-2019, 05:21 PM
And maybe it was O'Toole's before it was Fritzi's?

05-25-2019, 05:31 PM
It was also called Rainbows around 1982 but I don't remember that at all.

And Belle Starr's by about 1985.

05-25-2019, 08:28 PM
Quicksilver.....that was it!!!

Dob Hooligan
05-26-2019, 06:06 PM
Wasn’t it also The Trucking Company during that era?

05-27-2019, 06:01 PM
IIRC The Trucking Co was a restaurant. It was in that same complex, but a different building closer to Portland. I remember the old 1920’s Chevrolet flatbed truck that carried their sign that sat out by the street.