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01-27-2019, 06:42 AM
Drybar to open in Classen Curve (

Since acquiring Classen Curve and Nichols Hills Plaza from Chesapeake Energy in early 2014, national developer and shopping center manager Washington Prime Group has systematically brought scores of new national and regional retailers and restaurants to Oklahoma City.

Add Drybar to the ever-growing list, which includes Trader Joe's, Sur la Table, Warby Parker, Bonobos, Coldwater Creek, Soft Surroundings, Evereve, Hopdoddy, Slapfish and Kendra Scott, plus several others.

Drybar began as a humble at-home service and has grown into a $100 million empire with over 100 locations nationwide.

Professional hairstylist Alli Webb launched the company 10 years ago and her obsessive focus on customer service and quality control has helped Drybar become somewhat of a sensation while only offering blow-out services; no coloring or cuts.

The service list reads like a cocktail menu: Old Fashioned, Straight Up, Manhattan, Cosmo, Southern Comfort; each reflecting a particular hairstyle for the typical price of $45. The stores also feature their own line of styling products.

Now, the salon is set to open its first location Oklahoma, a vacant corner spot in Classen Curve just to the east of Republic and west of Warby Parker.

Work has commenced in a 1,425 square foot space that will feature Drybar's trademark simple bu high-style interior with bright yellow accents.

01-27-2019, 02:25 PM
Can't believe these kinds of places exist, but since they do, Classen Curve is kind of the perfect place for them...

01-27-2019, 03:15 PM
Can't believe these kinds of places exist, but since they do, Classen Curve is kind of the perfect place for them...

This news is absolutely blowing up on Instagram.

Drybar is a bit of a national sensation.

01-28-2019, 07:16 AM
thanks for posting about us Pete! Our shop will be one of the first with all the "next gen" improvements to the shop. Touchscreen ordering of styles, dry style stations. We're excited to bring Drybar to OKC!

01-28-2019, 01:11 PM
Is Blo still in Classen Curve? Same concept.

01-28-2019, 01:24 PM
Is Blo still in Classen Curve? Same concept.

No, they moved to Chisholm Creek.

01-28-2019, 04:03 PM
I was hoping it would be a cereal bar

01-31-2019, 09:15 PM
i hope their success in Oklahoma City leads to a downtown location on Park Avenue in the CBD.

01-31-2019, 09:41 PM
I don't understand the concept in general, but my gf freaked out when she heard. Supposedly it cost more than any place in town, but they "treat you like royalty and give you a glass of champagne when you enter" and their products "smell better than anything I've ever smelled". Take that for what it is haha.

02-01-2019, 03:22 AM
The OKCTalk Instagram post on this subject received 675 likes and 50 comments, which shows how highly many regard them.

sgt. pepper
02-01-2019, 05:43 AM
I don't understand the concept in general,

I don't understand either...a salon that does no coloring or cuts?...where does the treating you like royalty come in......brushing your hair for you?? I guess if you offer free liquor everting time you enter the door, you will be successful.

sgt. pepper
02-01-2019, 05:44 AM
delete post #12 :)

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04-09-2019, 06:13 AM
Opens Friday: